Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Catching up...

Hello, Blog-land! Okay, so obvi I am new at this. Instead of a "News" section on my website, I am going to TRY the whole blog thing... so we will see how it goes... fingers, toes and everything crossed!

This year so far... I have been one lucky, lucky actress!!!!

I started off the year right in January, with a beautiful photo shoot doing one of my favorite things in the whole world: YOGA!!! Here are two of my fave poses:

Vishvamirasana - "Full Compass Pose"

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana "King Pigeon"

In February, I was on an episode of "As The World Turns" - here is one of my favorite stills:
Can you tell I love, love, LOVE being on that show???

Also, in February, "Confessions of a Shopaholic" came out!
I was super-excited to see this scene in the trailer!

The cast: ridiculously fun.
The wardrobe: STELLAR.
Red Chloe ankle boots, anyone???

In March, I got to shoot an ABC Pilot (my very first network pilot!!!) called, "Empire State". It had a star-studded cast and a phenomenal script - it was SUCH an incredible experience.
Here is me very excited about my hair and makeup
And here is me super-STOKED about my huge trailer!!!

Come April, I got to shoot my SECOND network pilot (I know, I know - I must be on someone's SUPER-GOOD list!!!), this one was for NBC, "Mercy". I got to play a reeeeeally fun character - an Upper East Side WASP (super-stretch, I know!) named Emily.
Me on set with two of my cast-mates.
"Emily" and her BFF "Winter".
I heart wardrobe, makeup and hair!!!

For several months, I was in a sketch comedy show called, "Fine, Funny, & Female"

When I wasn't on stage between then and now, I have been super busy with photo shoots and commercials... Yippee! More on that to come.

Did I mention I love to bake??? I recently went to an event hosted by an amazing theatre company, "The New York Theatre Experiment" (www.newyorktheatreexperiment.com) which was a "Pie-Off" in honor of their fifth birthday.
Here is one of the members of NYTE getting ready to take my vegan "Pudge-Free Pecan Pie" samples over to the judges (one of whom is the executive pastry chef at DANIEL!!!)
Guess what?! My pie placed in the "Top Five"!
Can you tell I was ELATED???

On that sweet note, I think we are almost caught up. And I am pretty sure that is more than enough for one post!!! xoxo

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