Sunday, August 23, 2009

Parlez-Vous Français?

When I was growing up, one night a week, my parents made us speak ONLY French at the dinner table. As in - you would be completely ignored if you spoke in English. Now, as you can imagine, I HATED them for it then, but boy am I GRATEFUL to them now!!! (They also took a very unappreciative brood of children with them to Paris and Geneva on business often - how ungrateful was I as a kid???)

I just finished shooting an episode of a new USA show that starts airing at the end of October called "White Collar". Why do I bring up the French? The only way you could even AUDITION for this part was if you were fluent - thanks Mums and Poops!!! My character, Claire, and her best friend, Brigitte (played by a gorgeous actress named Natalia - see pics!) spoke to each other in French in all of our scenes. It was hilarious, it was fantastically fun, and I loved, loved, LOVED every second of shooting!!!!
With Natalia shooting on location in the Meatpacking district.
With our director and some of the shows' stars in the studio.

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